Our Services

Our Services

The Kenton Legal Clinic is a non-profit organisation that provides free, one-off legal advice in areas of: 

  1. employment; 
  2. housing; and 
  3. civil litigation. 

In certain circumstances we also provide free representation in the county court and employment tribunal.

If, however, your enquiry does not fall within one of the above practice areas, we may also be able assist you in identifying an appropriate free service provider that is best placed to help you.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that our clinic can deal with every enquiry it receives.


Who provides KLC’s services?

All of our services are provided by volunteers. These volunteers are either qualified solicitors, barristers or supervised law students. 

Is KLC the right organisation to help you?

We are conscious of the difficult journey often involved in finding the right service to assist you. We would, therefore, urge you to carefully consider the criteria below before getting in touch. 

We are likely to be able to help you if:

  • you are an individual or a charitable organisation; 
  • your enquiry relates to employment law, housing law or the conduct of civil litigation; 
  • your live in England or Wales; 
  • you are unable to afford legal support and advice; 
  • you are able (given the COVID-19 pandemic) to attend an appointment with a legal advisor on the phone or online; or
  • you are able to agree to our Terms of Engagement

We are unlikely to be able to help you if: 

  • your enquiry relates to business matters; 
  • your enquiry falls outside matters of employment, housing or civil litigation; 
  • you do not live in England or Wales; 
  • you have access to, or can afford to pay for, legal services or advice; 
  • you are unable to attend an appointment with a legal adviser on the phone or online; or 
  • you are unable to agree to our Terms of Engagement

How does the service work?

If you think we can help, please contact us by telephone or email. If you contact us by email, please provide us with a brief description of your enquiry.  

Once we receive your enquiry we will determine whether we are well placed, and have capacity to assist you. We may contact you for further details relating to your enquiry before we make this decision. 

If we believe we may be able to assist you we will send you our Terms of Engagement for review. We will also provide you with a list of available appointments with a legal advisor. We may also ask you to send us any documents that are relevant to your enquiry such as copies of employment contracts, leases and email correspondence. 

During the course of your appointment your adviser will ask you a series of questions with the aim of obtaining a clear understanding of the matter you need help with. They will also  inform you of the help our clinic can provide and when you can expect to receive this help by. This help will usually be in one of the following forms: 

  • verbal advice on the day; 
  • a letter of advice; or 
  • helping with drafting a letter or other correspondence that is sent out by you. 

Please note that, unless we explicitly state otherwise, we cannot write to third parties on your behalf or hold ourselves out as your representatives. 

Once you have received the help set out above, the service will finish. If you need further advice you will need to get in touch with us again. Please note that Kenton Legal Clinic cannot guarantee any further assistance as we rely on volunteer advisers to provide their services. 

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