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We are a provider of free legal advice and representation in North West London.

We work to ensure more people are made aware of their rights and can make informed decisions about important aspects of their future.

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KLC published on Practical Law

After successfully acting for a defendant in relation to a claim for contractual frustration, KLC has written an article for Practical Law that discusses frustration in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Partnership with Employment Autism

KLC has partnered with Employment Autism, a charity dedicated to supporting autistic people in the workplace, to produce a series of questions and answers relating to employment law.

Partnership with New Citizens’ Gateway

KLC has partnered with the Barnet New Citizens’ Gateway to provide housing advice to refugees and asylum seekers.

Work with us

In addition to its essential role in supporting the community, pro-bono work can provide lawyers with incredibly interesting and varied work. 

If you are a solicitor, barrister, trainee, or law student and you are interested in working with us please contact us using the link below or email us on admin@kentonclinic.com